Saturday, May 3, 2014

Presenting my portfolio, cont.

As already mentioned previously I'm a bit haphazard when presenting my work and don't really have a good innate 'eye' for clean, organised ways of putting together my drawings and paintings. I also don't really know the 'do's and don'ts' of graphic design, as shown by my tutor's reaction when I suggested that Arial and Helvetica 'are pretty much the same thing'.  But this is all definitely something I'm working to change. I feel like if I want to work as a visual designer of any kind, I should at least have a good grasp of graphic design.

The first thing I've decided to do is find a good font to use across all my portfolio and branding materials. (Although for presenting individual projects I think I'll use fonts that suit each project, for example a more cartoony project like Iron Heart would have a slightly more cartoony font). I didn't want to use something standard, I wanted something with a bit of character and charm whilst still being clean and legible.

Tested out on my Tabitha concept sheet. I added a reflection underneath the 3D model to make her seem more grounded. (I don't actually have my Wordpress set up yet but I plan to use it as my main site.)

I think I like this next one more as it doesn't have the very slight italic. 

Still needs lots of tweaking. We'll see how it looks when they're all put together as a portfolio.

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