Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Speedpainting and Drawing Groups

There are quite a few sketch groups on Facebook which I would like to become more involved in. Currently I'm a member of 'Daily Spitpaint' where each day you're given a selection of topics and you have to complete a drawing/painting of one in thirty minutes. This is a great, quick exercise and a good way to practice if you're struggling with thinking of what to draw. There's a large active community on this page meaning that people are always quite open with critiques and comments. They especially liked my Sniper digital painting and the expression I managed to capture on her face.



'Sniper' - with another half hour added

The site is also great for discovering other artists and seeing how they work - some of the more popular ones post their personal Facebook/site link below their spitpaints and no doubt attract more fans. A little trick I will keep in mind when I create my Facebook artist page.

I've also been introduced to Illustration Friday which I would like to actively participate in as well.

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