Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Social Networking

Social networking is a key part of succeeding as an artist nowadays - rather than depending on publishers and agents like in the past, social networks allow you to advertise, sell your craft and communicate directly to your fanbase.

I have been trying to expand my experience of social media, I've been a member of Twitter for a while but I just have no idea how to get started. I'm not really the sort of person to enjoy updating the internet about my life, though I can see how it's great to pick up on opportunities that are available and to quickly chat and share with other people. No doubt once I start creating work I'm happy with I'll start to use it more regularly.

I more recently signed up to Behance, I quite like Behance because it makes me feel more inclined to post finished projects rather than occasional sketches and WIPs here and there. It also appears more professional than some other online art sharing sites. I'm in the process of adding other projects to it, though again, I feel like once I graduate and have time to develop my art in a more focussed manner I'll share more. I've also got a LinkedIn now, I feel that this'll be more useful in a more commercial and company-based setting rather than the freelance route I seem to be gravitating towards. I still update my Tumblr and I plan on making a Wordpress as my personal website when I have a more polished portfolio ready to show.

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