Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Job Opportunities

I regularly check Indeed.co.uk for possible job opportunities. This is making me more aware of the lack of concept art/illustrator roles in the UK, especially for any company that isn't large-scale. Some of the advertisements are downright shocking, this one is asking for "dozens of characters and scenes to be painted digitally" for no pay. 

Some of the other adverts for bigger companies make me realise where my skills as a concept artist would be lacking. Here is one for a AAA game company which requires 5+ years of experience in the industry, and also asks for architectural and industrial knowledge. I'm aware that especially in more realistic games, having an understanding of mechanics and architecture would be very beneficial as a concept artist. I suppose my skills are more suited to stylised and cartoony games, but I have to wonder if I should spend time learning some draughtsmanship skills, even if it doesn't really appeal to me.

Jagex are looking for artists for their Runescape games. I have heard of Jagex having extremely high standards and a somewhat gruelling application and interview process. This seems intimidating as a first attempt at applying for a job, but again, browsing what they expect from applicants is useful as it allows me to compare myself to their ideal candidate and see where I do and don't match up.

I'm still interested in this position at Barnstom games but I really do need to create some more work for my portfolio first.

Rockstar North are looking for environment artists. Again, this is a position that requires highly experienced practitioners and is something to work towards rather than to apply for straight out of uni.

Mediatonic are looking for a  2D artist. Again, requires 2-3 years experience. They also ask for an understanding of usability / user interfaces and the technical aspects of art production for digital platforms. Something to keep in mind.

There seem to be quite a few opportunities for user-interface artists, despite the fact I've no experience of this side of design maybe I should consider it so that I'm able to broaden my CV and contribute more skills. I've already mentioned how graphic design would be useful for me in general. This is something I will dedicate time to exploring after graduation.

I think it's likely that I won't apply for jobs straight out of uni, at least, none that are for an animation/game company. Unless I do luckily happen across a position that is happy to take on inexperienced artists, or some kind of internship. But I think I'd rather train and build my skills more, take on some freelance work, and then look for more permanent roles.

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