Thursday, April 10, 2014

Final Animatic

This is my final animatic. I wanted to make sure I established the backstory, the characters' upbringing and how they first experience the day/night. It could have probably been cut shorter, but I wanted to have the opportunity to experiment with showing their development as individual characters before they meet for the first time. I tried to apply everything I've learned about shot composition so far, including the use of the rule of thirds, dynamic compositional lines that aren't parallel to the frame, and overall consideration of how the environment is shaped, etc.

In some of the later scenes when Nycteris is dancing through the woods I used more movement on the camera itself so that it isn't just static all the time, however I think I may have over-done the zooming in/out a little on the last scene, so I'll amend that when I've animated it.

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