Thursday, April 10, 2014


An important part of working as an artist is being able to collaborate with others, take on board their ideas, discuss them and then give their ideas physical form.

I recently worked with Siobhan on her extended practice animated film creating some concept art for her character, Kirby the Dragon.

This was actually a relatively easy and very fun bit of concept work. Kirby is a young, naive and stubborn little dragon who can't fly very well and enjoys eating. I had various ideas rolling around my head where he looked a bit like a cross between Slowpoke the Pokemon and Stitch. We decided to give him some slightly bulldog-like characteristics, with a flatter face and square-ish limbs. I kept his head and eyes relatively large and gave him one rounded tooth which sticks out of his lip to make him look quite young and cute.

I sent Siobhan some colour variations and she decided she wanted a cross between B and D, so I went with a bluey-purply colour, adding some small scale details to give him a little texture. 

I think this final turnaround lacks a lot of the charm and roundedness of the concept art. This might have just been because I lacked time, or my choice of brush, but in the future I want to try and keep the energetic, lively sketchiness of my rougher art in my more measured and defined turnarounds. 

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