Saturday, March 22, 2014


Something I want to do when I graduate is spend a lot of time building my drawing and painting skills. As that is my overall focus and selling point, I want to be sure that I learn the same theory and techniques as those professionals I look up to. Luckily, there are resources out there which mean I can learn from the professionals I look up to.

Noah Bradley, a renowned artist and illustrator, wrote here on how you can spend $10k - the cost of an art school education in the USA - on a focussed, more quality art education from a variety of online and book sources. I'll copy them below. While I may not be able to afford some of these straight away, if I find a job which supports my living and allows me time to develop my art as a hobby, I'm sure I'd be able to fund some of these.

The $10k Ultimate Art Education

Some other resources I've found and am interested in using: (no doubt this list is subject to change)

Chris Oatley's 'The Magic Box' -

Digital Tutors -

Will Terry's courses -

Noah Bradley's Art Camp -
and his Art of Freelancing -

CG Master Academy (this one is much more expensive but to consider when I have a good income)

Skillshare -

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