Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drawing Groups & Competitions

I've been exploring opportunities to push my drawing and traditional skills for art competitions; the only other competitions I've seen that I could enter are animation-related, which didn't really appeal to me as I know my animation right now is very limited. There are a few I'm interested in entering, including this one by ArtAscent which explores the concept of 'Hidden', and the Derwent Art Prize, which has no defined theme.

For the ArtAscent competition I had ideas of creating a series of small pieces in pencil, coloured pencil and watercolour of strange, fictional (maybe mythology-inspired) creatures which, rather than drawn to be idealised, majestic and beautiful, instead look ugly, wrinkled, nocturnal... sort of like 'rejected' fantasy creatures. The sorts that you might find huddled in a cave, or under a rock, or burrowed underground. One might be hideous, but vulnerable and weak - the other might be huge and frightening, but also isolated. Exploring the idea of hinting at an emotive, sympathetic spark hidden in unpleasant or frightening creatures appeals to me.

The deadline isn't until June, so these are all mainly drafts, initial ideas and works in progress.

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