Monday, February 17, 2014

Concept art progress

I'm still struggling to pin down what aesthetic I want to achieve in this animation, I've been creating quite a lot of sketchy designs but none of them really stand out to me, and I feel most of what I've done so far seems a little uninteresting. 

These are the character artboards I created for the last module (some of these images have been posted before). As is probably obvious I didn't finish them or come up with final designs... I find that both, especially Nycteris', don't really capture the essence of their character and their personalities to the level that I want.

More early designs I developed after the end of the module:

After getting this far I decided I really didn't like it or feel inspired by it, so I've scrapped it and have been trying to push it further into different directions.

This is probably what I like the most so far, especially the one standing on the left. I think it has a certain amount of 'wonkiness' that adds appeal without making her too distorted. 

Most of the art I create for Photogen seems to just be Disney style:

Although I actually like this style with him, if I'm going for something completely different with Nycteris I obviously need to make sure he compliments her. I'm working on that now. 

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