Thursday, January 30, 2014

Planning my Project

One thing I really want to improve on this module is organisation. It has effected almost every module I've done so far in that I've never quite managed to achieve the standard I'd like to simply due to not understanding how to organise my workload.

I created this Gantt chart on an app on my tablet - the app was useful as it made it very easy to add in all the tasks and organise them. Having it on my tablet means it is easily accessible and portable, and I can edit it if needed. I will also be making a day-to-day schedule.

I began by listing all the different parts of the animation that will be needed. These include, for now:
  • Storyboards
  • Animatic
  • Layout / Staging planning
  • Concepts for all the environments and characters
  • Background matte paintings
  • Model sheets
  • Animated footage
  • Sound and music
  • Compositing the elements together
  • Post-production editing/effects
I estimated the ideal length of time for each part of production. I need to leave plenty of time to do the animating itself, as I haven't done it properly before and will need to do a lot of self-teaching. However as you need to have a strong foundation to work from I need to put equal time and care into the planning of movement in the animatic and the animation testing.

I have left perhaps a bit too much time for some things like the animatic but it's always better to leave too much rather than too little. There is also time after the 8th to finish it if needed. I thought by aiming to have it done in advance, that extra time leaves room for any unforeseen errors.

**edit** I'm probably going to add all the sound effects when I do the storyboard/animatic, so that it's all planned and sorted before animation begins. This means I'll only have to worry about the music afterwards, which I'm considering composing myself with the help of a friend which will remove the need for finding a collaborator. 

This chart was created with a digital approach in mind. I was previously unsure if I would be drawing the character movement with pencil on paper; although I'd really love to try it, as of yet I haven't been able to find much information about good methods of colouring scanned/photographed frames. Usually paintbucket-type tools or eyedropper tools in After Effects don't do a very clean, neat job and can look bad near the lines of drawings. For this reason I've been looking into different programs that allow traditional-style animation with easier methods of colouring, most often using combinations of vector and bitmap layers. I'll be writing more about software in a future post. 

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