Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Extended Practice Introduction & Proposal Feedback

For my Extended Practice project I would like to take the early development of my Day Boy & Night Girl project from my CoP module and re-do and define it with a focus on the capturing the movement and personality of the characters rather than composition of scenes (though this is still an important aspect). This will be planned in a detailed storyboard/animatic which will break down the story of the scenes, and then I will create one fully-animated sequence using a hand-drawn method complete with backgrounds, sounds, music and effects (but no dialogue). It will hopefully last around 30 seconds. I may also have rougher test animations for other sequences depending on how confident I feel with the process.

We got some feedback for our proposals from our tutor, I will summarise some of the key points for future reference here:
  • As CoP materials can't be assessed twice I need to ensure that I work on redrafting and further designing the storyboards and breaking down the script and other elements I created for that module. There should be a focus on animation testing and development of animation as the final product.
  • Select a chapter to focus on to make the most of design and animation for one part of the story (rather than trying to encompass the entire story).
  • Research and development - identify pipeline and processes to be involved, software, different approaches, which are most efficient, etc.
  • Early testing of style and timing is essential.
  • Perhaps try some rotoscoped animation as a means of studying and drawing human movement.
  • Utilise layout in the animatic and establish key poses. Aim to have a finalised test of one or more sequences with sound design and music.
  • Plan!!!
He also recommended I pick up The Animator's Survival Kit's video tutorials. 

My main worry with this project is overestimating my own ability and having too high expectations, I'm going to try and abandon all that sort of thinking and focus on researching and learning the 'correct' technique and fully understanding the principles.

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