Monday, May 20, 2013

Lots of moodboards!

I've spent a lot of time gathering inspiration and reference images for each race and the overall tone of the game world. I've purposely tried to gather most of my references from sources other than existing games as I'd like to go for a slightly fresher, edgier look. For this reason I've spent time exploring a range of media including late 19th-early 20th century photography and a lot of contemporary high fashion, particularly avant-garde fashion and hair design. I've ended up with many (probably too many) moodboards to inform the design process.

The following two moodboards are not intended to inform any particular design choice, but more to study a range of features and hairstyles which I could incorporate into my characters. I chose to look at photos from these eras as I feel modern actors and actresses tend to look too artificial, particularly women - many photos are airbrushed and they mostly wear heavy make-up which hides the natural 'look' of the face. I would like my characters to be different to the modern convention of good-looking (slender, flaw-free women and rugged, muscular men) so I thought it would be interesting to look back to a time when beauty standards were quite different. 

Below are a number of moodboards I've gathered of a particular style of modern fashion (I'm not sure what it's called, maybe dark fashion?). I've been aware of this trend for a while and I've always found it very intriguing, and I thought it would be interesting incorporating it into a fantasy world. The style is almost exclusively monochromatic or all-black, and therefore particular emphasis is put on the silhouette of the outfit, the different textures used and the manner in which clothes are layered. The fact that the outfits have such strong silhouettes is especially useful for game design as it ensures characters are recognisable from a distance. 

I am not thinking of this style to be used by everybody in my world - that would make little sense considering the different cultures and the fact people have individual tastes - but I think it's suitable for the majority of the Romerri peoples as they live in colder climates and would need to wear many-layered clothing. I think it also suits their personalities, as many of them are harsh in nature and their politics are quite chaotic, but they hide it behind a neatly arranged appearance. I think I'll be using a wider variety of colours and tones, however, as a city of people wearing monochromatic clothing would probably be a bit too dark and oppressive.

Also for hairstyles:

I've decided they are mostly white or blonde haired as they live in snowy climates and, though they counter it with their clothing, 'blend in' to their surroundings. Looking at extreme avant-garde hairstyles helps me think about unique ways to push a character's look, even if it's not to the extent that these looks are.

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