Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Collaboration - creating a character design

We've been encouraged during this module to collaborate with others in our class to get more experience of working as part of a team and defining our specialist skillset. I offered to help with any drawing or illustrative aspects such as texturing, storyboarding or creating concept art. My classmate Sarah asked if I'd be interested in drawing concept art for her character, for which she was composing a musical theme. I was more than happy to, as I have little experience of adapting other people's character ideas so I thought it'd be very useful.

She gave me a character sheet, an outfit concept she had drawn and a colour scheme to work with. The character sheet was very detailed which is always great, as it helps establish their personality and history in your head to inform the designing process.

This can be read here:

As Sarah had already drawn up the concept for his hairstyle and outfit it was really just my job to translate this into a T-pose turnaround and one dynamic pose to show off his character. At her request I didn't change her original design, though I did add a pair of glasses as I thought this suited his personality and occupation as a librarian.

I'm still very sketchy when it comes to digital painting, particularly on shading fabric and trying to colour highlights and shadows. This was valuable practice, although I find that the dynamic pose lacks sharpness and definition and doesn't show light and shadow very well, and his legs are positioned awkwardly.

I kept in contact with Sarah as I was designing to discuss the poses, and to show her the final product. Her feedback can be read here :

I'm happy that she likes the outcome - it was a fun character to work with!

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