Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Character designs: Kukru, etc.

I haven't been able to establish the other characters in as much detail as the previous post... I also haven't been able to complete a turnaround for the others (although I suppose Signit's isn't a proper turnaround).

Nevertheless I do have general ideas, which I'll write below. It's better than nothing!

The Kukru

As I've written before, this rainforest-dwelling race are non-human - I wanted them to have anthropomorphic qualities, but not be too human in appearance. I took inspiration from a range of animals, including birds, reptiles, monkeys... Here were the quick silhouettes I drew out to think of different, dynamic shapes.

I like the visual features of marmosets, and used this as reference whilst developing concepts from these silhouettes. I studied aspects of their facial design, ear shape and fur growth and incorporated it into three rough concepts. 

I wanted to draw a male and female, but for now, I only have an iteration of a male design. No doubt they would vary greatly in appearance in terms of colouring, fur style, etc. so I'd have liked to have drawn a larger number of variations. I also haven't been able to develop the Kukru culture and history, so haven't been able to incorporate this into the design through items like jewellery, ornaments, clothing, etc.

I'm disappointed at how little I've managed to develop these, as it was a lot of fun drawing non-human concepts for a change, and it's something I'll experiment more with in the future.

Other characters

Willen is actually supposed to be one of the main characters, but I haven't really been able to write about him at all.

This sketch was derived from one of the rough Romerri drawings I produced, though doesn't really reflect what he looks like at all as I haven't established his personality yet. He looks a little too much like a teenaged Goth here...

 I've so far thought of him as a sort of typical rebellious, wisecracking ex-guard type - one who worked as an apprentice or initiate guard (or an older, more experienced guard) in the cities but who grew fed up of the misery there and ran away.

Again, I'm quite sad I haven't had the time to develop the Romerri as I have such a strong idea of their style and presentation...

Asquith is supposed to be one of the more unfortunate characters. He was inspired almost solely by the lower photo of the fashion model on the bottom image. I found something about his look very intriguing and evocative, although I haven't quite managed to capture it in drawings yet.

Half-Shai, half-Romerri, his father was one of the more adept crafters, who built an extensive library in the Cities - practically the only resource of knowledge of magic. Following his death, Asquith, his only son, inherited the library, though he has little use for it as he possesses no magical inclinations, despite constantly being influenced by his father. He struggles with intellectual pursuits, and things such as reading and writing, and has thus grown up with a considerable inferiority complex. As a result he is mostly sullen and glum-looking, and desires strongly to be the 'intellect' that his role as librarian suggests, though he is incapable of it.


Aaaand I think that is as far as I got with this project. It's been an influx of ideas, but poorly executed (as is probably typical of a beginner at this sort of thing). I'll be carrying on throughout summer, hopefully working on finishing designs and looking into sculpting them - I don't particularly want to leave it as unfinished as it is!

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