Thursday, January 31, 2013


I drew out some fairly rough storyboards, but I decided to make them into an animatic to get a better sense of timing and movement. The wiggle effect is there to resemble a handheld camera which I'm thinking of using to (hopefully) make it more tense.

The drawings are very scribbly so it might not be too clear to other people - the scene will be very dark, and the only light source will be from the camera's flash. Generally it will be paced quite slowly, with a focus on creating a sinister atmosphere rather than showing any action.

I was going to continue the story but I actually think I might leave it there on a cliffhanger - it's 30 seconds long, so paired with the first half of the film which will roughly be the same, it should equal 1 minute, which is the maximum length we're allowed.

I'm aware that the alien only makes a very brief appearance, but I'd still like it to be detailed and well animated.

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  1. This animatic's so great! Shows really clearly how you're wanting it to look!