Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tabitha - final model

As our group slowly came to realise we only had a weeks or so to texture, animate and create the cinematic, we decided to split up the tasks we needed to do. I decided to take on a majority of the texture work, whilst Alex and Ryan began working on the animations. Here's Tabitha's final textured model - I perhaps went into a little more detail than was necessary, considering we were going for a fairly simplistic, colourful style, but I think that my painterly style of colouring fits the tone we were trying to create. 

I used a similar style to colour the props, as seen below.

And here is "Surveillance Bot"'s texture: 

Alex created the main robot's (Albus') texture whilst I worked on the environment, but made sure to use a similar brush style so that it would look consistent.

As well as Tabitha's main texture, I had to paint a variety of expressions for her with the intention of using a script in Unity to switch expressions using animation events. It was fairly straight-forward to work in layers and combine different eye and mouth movements to come up with different faces to suit the progression of the story, and hopefully give her a lot more of a personality.

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