Saturday, November 17, 2012

Development of my model

Some shots of the development of the model for Tabitha, the character I'm creating for my group machinima project.

This has been my first try (outside of the tutorial) at making a model in preparation for rigging and animation. I've made a couple of silly mistakes, including making the model as a whole rather than just building one half and mirroring, meaning that she isn't quite symmetrical. I also didn't pose her with her arms and legs completely straight, though I think I'll be able to overcome this when rigging by just being careful with where I place the joints. 

Originally the skirt was going to be a solid piece of geometry with her feet sticking out at the bottom, but I found this awkward to model so I just decided to construct her full figure and add the skirt on top. This'll also mean we can rig the skirt separately to the legs and animate it, which I think will make her movement a lot more dynamic and interesting.

Seeing as we are going for a charming, cartoony style her facial features are going to be flat and part of the texture, not modelled into the geometry. 

Her hair has been the most awkward part of the process, and I had to delete and re-model the geometry for the fringe pieces as for some reason faces were missing where the vertices met her head. Although I still need to smooth the model, I think I'm finally at a stage now where I can focus on the UV mapping, and then the rigging. 

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  1. looking really nice Sophie. Mesh is really nice and tidy