Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Part of PPP this year is to get involved with events and competitions that can help us develop as practitioners.

I'm definitely interested in taking part in Thought Bubble this year. Although at the moment I've mainly been focussing on developing my digital painting skills and software skills for my course, I would at some point like to learn more about sequential art and creating graphic novel art. There are a number of panels, live events and also portfolio reviews at Thought Bubble that I think would be a great opportunity to learn more about the industry, about the professional's working and creative process and to even get feedback on my own work.

I haven't got my head around the entire program yet, but I'm interested in the SelfMadeHero Drop-In Portfolio Critique, and the Titan Comics Portolio Reviews. There are other critiques available from Marvel and Image Comics, though these require advance bookings and for your portfolio to be chosen. Getting advice from working professionals, especially those who's job it is to keep an eye on new talent, would be an invaluable part of this event for me, and if it lead on to an opportunity to work then that'd be a huge bonus. 

There is another event called Sketching Spotlight where artists draw live on stage and talk through their creative process. I think that this would be a fascinating opportunity to learn some ways that I could expand my drawing skills.

Another notable event is a panel about Women in Comics, where they talk about the presence of female writers and artists in the comic industry. I've always seen the graphic novel and comic world as male-dominated, so seeing the female perspective from a panel of professionals would be very rewarding. 

Otherwise, I think I'd like to develop my skills more before taking part in competitions, but I will be keeping an eye out on sites such as DeviantArt, CGSociety and the various other art websites for small-scale competitions or opportunities to work with other artists. 

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