Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A foray into character design, cont.

So following the feedback I received on my previous designs, I knew I needed to correct the figure's proportions, pose and generally define my design.

I built upon the rough new outfit sketch, starting with a new silhouette and pose, and came up with this:

At this stage I sent the image to the designer to get feedback before I developed it any further. The response was really positive, which I was very happy about. I'm pleased that I managed to fix the issues I had with proportions and with portraying the character.

I finalised the design to this. (Unfortunately it won't link or upload the image correctly, so I'll have to leave the dropbox link. The file is very large)

As you can see, I used a reference for the face so that I could achieve much more realistic values and tones. Although this could be classed as cheating, it really helped me to understand this part of painting, so I can develop and eventually not have to use reference. 

I'm really hoping to paint more life studies (both digitally and traditionally) over the Summer to practice this, as it will really help to make my overall art look more polished and professional.

Even looking to the first drawing I sent a few weeks ago, on my previous post, it is possible to see already how much my drawing has developed over a matter of weeks. 

It's motivating and exciting to be working on this game project. Next, I'm going to draw up a turnaround and face studies.

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