Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Final texturing

I have finished texturing the gingerbread house! (For reasons unknown, the gingerbread texture appeared semi-transparent when I rendered this image in Maya. It worked fine in Unity)

For the areas that were particularly detailed and visible I painted them myself on Photoshop, as it was difficult to find textures suitable for a cartoon-style game. For example the wood on the gate and the tree bark was painted so that I could easily manipulate it's placement on the geometry.

However for some areas, such as the icing and to achieve a "gingerbreaddy" texture, I experimented with photographs combined into the UV maps so that it would appear a little less flat. I also used a ready-made texture for the grass as whilst looking for reference, I found an image that would be suitable to use.

These are the trees that I've modelled to use in the final scene. I'll mainly be duplicating them and altering sizes and rotation to give the illusion that there are more varieties. I painted the textures, although I found some difficulty in working out where the UV's met, so there are some very visible seams; I think if I use lighting it effectively it will draw attention away from this...

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