Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trees and flags?

A quick (very dark) mish-mash of a scene where I put together the products of some practice exercises. Assets were created in Maya and then exported into Unity. I modelled and UV-mapped a tree, using my own painted textures (which I plan on doing in my Hansel and Gretel project as I'm going for an unrealistic look). For modelling we learnt about the extrude tool, where you select a face of the model and extend it out. You can do this in all directions to make the model more intricate, in this case to create the branches of the tree. For the texture, we learnt to select different parts of the geometry and individually UV map them using the unfold tool. I also rigged and animated a flag using IK splines an handles, and popped that in there too. The texture looks a bit weird from this low angle, but at least I have the knowledge now so I can add animated assets into my game environment if I need to.

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