Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heston Blumenthal's fairytale feasts!

A while back I remember watching a TV show which followed innovative chef Heston Blumenthal as he cooked and created a feast inspired by well-loved fairytales. These included a Cinderella pumpkin and, most importantly for me, an entirely edible Hansel and Gretel cottage for dessert.

I thought I'd to have a look at what materials he used for inspiration. Heston focussed on making his edible materials look as close as possible to "normal" building blocks of a house: slate tiles, bricks, moss, etc. Although I'm aiming for mine to look the opposite (completely unrealistic and exaggerated), I need an idea for what sweets I'll be referencing for when I start painting my UV maps. In the video he gives details on what the house is made of.

(...and apart from anything else this just looks like it was so magically fun to experience)


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