Monday, March 12, 2012

Gingerbread house - initial silhouette sketches

Earlier I wrote some valuable lessons I learnt following reading The Skillful Huntsman. A lot of importance was placed on experimenting with silhouettes before getting involved with the intricate details of a design. So, whilst I was brainstorming the ideas I've written about below, I also sketched a tea party and some houses, incorporating the distorted proportions and impossible architecture that I thought fitted the mood I'm trying to create.

A sketch of some "dark" tea party ideas, before I decided to abandon this idea.

Looking at different heights, ranging from a tall, tower-like building to a short house on a tall hill.

Building the house so that it resembles the character that lives inside, like is often seen in less realistic children's animations. In this case the roof resembles a witch's hat.

Beginning to think of what textures/sweets are being used to create the building.

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