Sunday, February 5, 2012

Updated storyboards, and finally... starting to animate!

So I coloured in my storyboards and re-drew some shots so that they were a little more dynamic.

I've spent most of today working on some basic drafts of the animation, I Playblasted some shots and  edited them together with some quick music and sound effects to get a general - really rough - idea of how the finished outcome might look. I haven't worked on any animation for the desk scene yet so I've just popped in my storyboard drawing.

I ended up tweaking the speeds of the shots as many of them were far too fast and I need to fill out the time. I'm still a bit concerned, so in the final shot I'm going to have Sackboy throw his sword down in a strop, or something similar. 

I'm aware this probably just looks a little silly in it's current state, but I'm hoping the final product will make more sense. 

I'll just note that in the shot where he raises his sword, his head is bobbing because I'd set that on a loop for the walk cycle, and couldn't figure out how to turn it off. (I have now figured it out...). 

There's still quite a few things that need developing:
  • The general animation, especially when he raises his sword. I need to be demonstrating more principles. I'm going to add in facial expressions, I think I'll add more deformers and alter his walk cycle. 
  • For the first scene I need Sackboy to maybe be wearing some sort of helmet or armour to make it clear he's a knight. I've already tried to model a helmet but I gave up, but I think it's necessary for the concept. 
  • I'd also like to, after the cloud shot, lower the camera to an establishing shot of the castle and scenery, with the camera moving.
  • I'm going to add in an idle animation for when he's standing. 
  • I obviously need to work on the lighting.
Work, work, work...

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