Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We have begun our new module on "Game Art Essentials"! In this module we'll be using the game engine software Unity to create a playable game environment based on one of three themes which we can choose. The final product will be able to be run as an executable file from any computer and also on a web-based player, which is quite exciting and shows how Unity can be used in many ways to showcase 3D work.

To introduce ourselves to Unity, we spent our first session building a shipyard environment, using cubes to make most of the assets. It was surprisingly easy to use and many of the hot-keys and tools were similar to Maya (which will be the main modelling tool for our game environments). A useful aspect of Unity is that it is very quick and easy to switch to the playable game view to get an impression of what your environment will be like, and make alterations accordingly without any lengthy render times being involved.

We experimented with our shipyard scene and added water, light and fog effects to create a specific atmosphere. I decided to go for a foggy, night-time effect and added a light onto my first-person camera to give the impression of a torch (though I think it's a little too bright). Here it is:

(well, the web-based player is being erratic and sometimes working then deciding not to work, but I'll leave it here anyway)

Unity Web Player | shipyard

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