Saturday, February 18, 2012


I recently joined Tumblr and I'm sure many can relate when I say I find it very addictive. I decided to make a blog for reblogging illustrations or anything inspirational:
and also one for my own art,

I've lost interest in websites such as DeviantArt as I find the interface quite awkward and unappealing, but Tumblr is simple, clean and customisable. I also have found that my work is spread quicker due to the chain-reaction nature of Tumblr's liking and reblogging system, which is more beneficial for earning recognition than DA. I've decided I'll be uploading all my art to here rather than DA from now on.

(My art blog is looking a little bare at the minute, but I'm in the process of organising, scanning, etc. things to showcase)

So yes, feel free to have a look/follow/stalk/ignore/etc. to your heart's content...

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