Thursday, February 9, 2012


So when I altered my Sackboy model to add a belt and sword, I decided to have a go at another walk cycle. This time I used more exaggerated deformers on the arms and legs, and also included a whole body squash and stretch, to give his movements a more over-the-top animated appearance. 

I also used a squash deformer on the clouds in the background - obviously this isn't very realistic, but again, I wanted to emphasize the animation to make it more fitted to the character's cartoonish style.

I spent some time working on the camera movements and angles. As I'm trying to achieve a cinematic feel in the first part of the animation, I wanted to use sweeping camera movements that accentuate his actions, so, for example when he draws his sword, I switched the camera angle quite dramatically.

In this clip it's also noticeable that I added an idle breathing motion. This means that he's never stood completely still and therefore appears a bit more lifelike.

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