Sunday, February 5, 2012

Looking at the professionals...

This is quite a long video but it gives a really in-depth look at the processes of a small indie animation company, from going out in the world to find references to textures, to collaborating with other artists to achieve the best results. Although it doesn't go into a lot of detail about animating itself, it's still great to see them working on the models and rigging, and I always find it strangely reassuring having glimpses into seeing how professional artists use the simplest of things - a photo of a tree, their own reflection in a mirror - as the basis of big inspiration, ideas and guidance.

And this little video from the production of Toy Story 3. There's no dialogue or explanations here, but again, an interesting glimpse into how professional animators work.

These videos highlight the fact that reference for computer animation needs to be taken from real life, whether it's a cuddly toy with the correct texture and weight, or a video capturing the movements of a person falling over. Although the aim might not to be to imitate life, the reference is still necessary for capturing that "spark" that gives the illusion of believable movement and emotion.

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