Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Instructional Video

Due to the unforeseen amount of work involved in the other two videos and in the animation module, I unfortunately abandoned the pixilation idea for my instructional video, however I was still determined to create something that was interesting as well as instructional to watch.

In my film I'll be teaching how to make cake in a mug. Most of the videos on the internet that already do this simply film a person guiding you through the process, and speaking as they do so, like the one below.


Although this can be more helpful and detailed, our videos have to be one minute in length, and so I'm really going to reinforce the speediness of this recipe by going through it with only on-screen text for guidance. 

I created some storyboards to reflect what I wanted in my film, generally I'd like to keep it simple and somewhat minimalistic. I'm going to avoid using too many unnecessary camera movements and techniques, although I may include some jump cuts to save time between mundane tasks such as stirring and pouring ingredients. I may also make use of speeding up some shots to switch up the pace of the video slightly and make it more engaging.

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