Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally, it's done...

My first 3D CG animation! (in terrible quality :( )

So there is one blatant error here that I didn't notice (somehow) until after rendering - when he draws his sword he's floating in the air. I don't think I realised on Maya as the action is so quick I wasn't paying very much attention to his lower half. Lesson learned...

There are still plenty of things I'd like to have improved. Firstly it's too short. If I'd managed my time more effectively I would really have liked to have learnt how to properly edit UV textures so that I could make the entire film have a more distinct style reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet. I'd also of course have liked to make him a little helmet or even suit of armour, and then in the last scene show that it's in fact just made out of foil/cardboard. I also generally think there needed to be a little more movement to demonstrate the principles of animation.

I'm not even entirely sure if the narrative itself is very clear, so I probably could have done that a little differently - I'll find out when I get feedback.

But, even with all these slight faults, I'm happy with it as when we started this project I didn't think I'd ever be able to achieve making a CG animated short clip. Although it's been stressful at times (mainly down to my bad organisation and time management, as usual) I have really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to making more and developing my skills.

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