Friday, February 10, 2012

Artists: Johan Wahlbäck

Johan Wahlbäck, featured on, is a concept artist who works for Southend Interactive and has contributed to art on the game Bloodline Champions, amongst others. Something I really admire is his ability to effortlessly shift between styles - sometimes his work is graphical with strong lines, more suited to cartoons; other times it is highly detailed and realistic. 

At his portfolio site I browsed through his work, which ranges from silhouette sketches to weapon concepts, to completed illustrations. Something I'm particularly noting is how he expresses initial ideas for concepts in ways that are easy to understand. (A problem of mine is that all my sketches tend to be messy sometimes to the point of being incomprehensible...)


  1. THank you very much for featuring me here Sophie, greatly appreciated. Great blog stop by for inspiration this one.

    1. You're very welcome, your art is very impressive! We share the same goals in life so I can only hope I'll be this talented in a few years time :p