Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Weird Movies"

S-Bahn by Markus Neidel 

I'm very much intrigued by films influenced by surrealism, and happened across the website "" which not only includes a lengthy list of films that incorporate the wonderfully bizarre, and a blog which is kept updated with the "weird" films of late, but also showcases talent from a wide range of  artists and film makers. All-in-all a fantastic find that I'll regularly be sure to read, although I'm now feeling overwhelmed by the number of films I want to see!

In the particular short above, S-Bahn, the artist has composited 2D animation with live-action into something quite unique, which takes a rather surprisingly sinister turn towards the end. It is shot from a first-person perspective and the combination of a low budget camera and a "blinking" effect adds to the sense of realism, yet obviously the animated creatures give a disturbing contrast, even if their actions and presence are treated as ordinary and run-of-the-mill. The person in the video interacts with a small monster, even offering it a seat, which I think is a very charming addition and gives the film more of a narrative, whereas before it may have seemed a little too abstract. Diagetic sound is largely drowned out by a minimalistic electronic music track which further draws the viewer in to this bizarre little world.

I hope to be able to watch and review some in more detail for the sake of analysis and broadening my mind to the possibilities of film-making.

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