Monday, January 23, 2012

Film - "Outline Your Implications" shooting

Last Monday was spent shooting for the first part of our film module. We decided to shoot in York as opposed to Leeds, which in the end was the better option as parts of the town are very picturesque, which fitted the happy atmosphere we were trying to express. We also got extremely lucky with the weather - who knew that mid-January we'd have an entire day of clear skies and sunshine?

Although I didn't have a direct role on shoot, I worked with the camera operators to try and find effective shot compositions and to offer different approaches to shooting a scene, and to generally give a second opinion on what footage we were getting. Also in some ways I acted as a producer, as I suggested and planned the location for the shots. As I'm from York myself, I knew some more idyllic-looking settings. 

This part of the film was meant to express happy memories. We didn't really plan specific shots or scenes, so we ended up doing quite a lot of it spontaneously depending on what we could find in the city, with the intention of selecting and editing the best parts later.

We began in a park, where the weather created some beautiful light effects through the trees. 

We were trying to create a realistic sense of love between the two characters, not over-dramatised, so many of the shoots were just of them talking,  walking, smiling and generally enjoying each other's company as any couple would.

Worrying that too many of our shots were of "walking and talking", we went through town and stopped in a cafe to capture a scene of them having a coffee together. This one was slightly problematic as it was reaching lunchtime, so the cafe was busy, and the one table we were hoping to film at wasn't available until a few hours later... but we prevailed and managed in the end!

We experimented with some different shooting styles, including a "handheld" style to give the impression of a homemade film.

By the time the sun set, we'd managed to get plenty of options for the memories.

We shot the final scene of her returning to her house (which is set at night time) at my own home, but sadly it came out too dark and needed to be re-shot. We filmed this, as well as the second part of the film featuring them in the city and going their separate ways, in Leeds the following Wednesday. (we didn't get any photos of this)

All-in-all, although I haven't properly watched our footage on a larger screen, I think we managed to get some great shots, and although at first glance it might appear to be potentially "cliche" I think with effective editing it will turn out as desired. I'm really looking forward to seeing them as a final product. 

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