Sunday, January 15, 2012

Film: "Outline Your Implications" ideas.

We are making progress with our films.

In terms of the first film, in my group's discussions we experimented with various ideas, including a more conceptual approach which would be filmed in a studio and feature plain background with all the focus being on the characters. Alex showed us this video, which has two characters who grow to love each other, but who are eternally separated by a pane of glass. This theme actually does relate to that of our poem, so we thought we could do something like this.

However after further talking and from viewing the other videos I've written about in my previous post, we decided we'd like to shoot on location so it's more like we are following the memories and lives of these two people.

Inspired by what I'd gathered from the other short films we watched, I came up with these rough storyboards. I essentially "mashed up" all the ideas and inspirations into a film that features shooting on a set, with one scene also more conceptually in a studio. The narrative is in reverse, with the beginning being melancholic and showing us the characters as they feel following their separation, and the ending reflecting on their happy memories.

(apologies for the terrible scans)

In our group there's two of us who are drawing storyboards and concept art, and we ended up combining both of our ideas. We liked the idea of the majority of the film being a montage of the happy couple's memories, and only at the very end do we realise they can't in fact be together.  

Alex's work and the final storyboards can be found here:

He has also created an animatic of the storyboards so we can get a general idea of the lengths and framing of the shots. This was also necessary so he could send it to his friend who will be composing a soundtrack for the film, as he will need a rough edit to know when the atmosphere changes so the tone of the music can alter with it.

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