Sunday, January 15, 2012

Film: "Isolated" animation

We have begun work on the second poem we are to interpret. We chose a relatively simple one which meditates on a feeling of isolation inspired by Ilkley Moor. After facing some difficulties in finding actors etc. for our other film, we decided we possibly wanted to do something that would just involve scenic shots.

by Zenam Bi

Isolated like the emotions I have held for many years.
The cold weighs hard on my bones.
As the dark clouds begin to gather,
quiet surrounds the air.
The rural space echoes with stillness.
The picturesque image engraved in my mind.
Like a single tree embedded in a field,
The wavy grass hangs around to help ease the loneliness it feels.
The sheep wander aimlessly in this desolate sphere. 

After some chatting we decided we'd like to have a go at an animation. The poem evokes quite minimalistic images of large fields and skies, of a lone figure wandering a space. I was reminded of the film I wrote about in a previous post, here.

For conceptual as well as practical purposes - we have only two weeks to finish these - we're doing the animation in a very simple and monochromatic style. 

I drew up some initial ideas and storyboards.

I thought that the figure would have no detail, or even a face, it would be almost like a doll. This would draw attention to the fact that isolation is something many of us feel, and we'd be more easily able to project our own emotion onto a blank, featureless figure as opposed to one rich with characteristics. 

When coming up with the environment for the character, we were drawn to the line "Like a single tree embedded in a field,". We imagined the character living on a small, lonely hill with only this tree keeping him company. 

(these drawings look really rough, apologies)

For my initial idea, the figure is on a hill, alone, when the tree suddenly grows a light like a fruit. The light floats down and the figure is happy that he may have found a companion, however it then flies away. The figure tries to follow it, but the hill is too steep; he nearly falls. He sees the light floating around with many others on another hill in the distance. He feels even more lonely.

This was a very rough draft at a narrative, I mainly wanted to get a few ideas down I'd like to include: that he is isolated on this hill which is too steep for him to leave.

Alex drew up another set of storyboards, and in the end we have decided to use those as they feature more of a solid story.

My next job will be to create some backgrounds. We've considered using watercolours to add some texture to this very minimalistic film.

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