Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Film, continued...

Today was our interim crit, where we showcased our progress so far and presented our completed storyboards. Over the weekend I'd pulled together screenshots from a couple of the short films I watched for inspiration, namely Be Near Me and also another film, Notte Sento

I admired the atmospheric lighting and cinematography used in these films, and so compiled them together to give a very rough impression of the effects I'd like to create in our film.

Notably the happy memories are going to be shown in warmer, more saturated colour tones which will completely contrast the cooler palette shown later in the film to express their sadness. I also like the idea of shooting the city at twilight, perhaps early evening or very early morning, as I find the pale, hazy effect to be very atmospheric and almost ethereal. I'd also like to make use of the light to highlight the edges of their silhouettes (as shown in the bottom left) to express that vagueness and lack of distinction that is often associated with memories.

Our next step in this project has been to advertise for a female actor, and create a filming schedule. My fellow storyboard artist Alex and I will also work on an animatic to show a very rough draft of the finalised film.  

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