Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anticipating "Brave"

There are so many great things about this trailer. But the best, of course, is her hair. I'm glad to finally see fellow curly-haired people getting a look in in character design - especially in Pixar's first female protagonist!

I found some images at (which coincidentally no longer exists). The comments thread also hosted some interesting opinions on the film and it's seeming similarities to DreamWorks' How To Train Your Dragon, and how the theme/genre isn't "living up" to Pixar's standards of originality.

Now I haven't researched the topic deeply, but my general thoughts are that Pixar would be fully aware of certain visual resemblances between the two films, and I have no doubts that Brave is going to be an excellent - and completely different - experience.

Either way, some of the designs are excellent, I'm looking forward to seeing some in-depth concept art. I'd recommend you have a look!

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