Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm really striving to work on my digital colouring skills.
I practised today by colouring a self portrait (which turned out really creepy, so I'm not going to upload it here). I then decided to experiment with a different brush style, so opted for the rough-edged, "chalky" brush as opposed to the smooth default one. I really liked the outcome, I thought it gave the overall image a much more lively and animated feel. I've also been working with textures, and spent some time playing with the filter settings until I got the desired effect.

(the drawing is of a character of mine)

And again, trying out textures and seeing what interesting effects they create. This is just a cartoony self-portrait.

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  1. Adding textured brushes to your work really makes a lot of difference huh? It really suits your style of drawing too~ I think you'd do well to venture a little more in this direction. Lovely pieces of work too~