Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Film... and a bit about Svankmajer

Unforunately I'm feeling a bit behind in my course as I was ill and had to return home for a week. Just before this happened we began our next modules, Digital Film Production and Fundamentals of 3D Modelling and Animation, which I've already written about.

For Digital Film, the brief is in two parts: for the first part we were meant to create a 1-minute instructional video. The second part, which we just started yesterday, is a live brief which involves creating a film inspired by a poem from the amateur poetry group Stanza Stones.

I decided to instruct how to make cake in a mug, as it's simple, quick, and involves cake. After a failed hurried attempt - I couldn't get a tripod, so I tried to film it all handheld going for the energetic "Jamie Oliver" sort of cooking scene, but it just looked really bad - I'm going to aim to film and edit it by next week (eek).

I wasn't sure exactly what direction to take with this video. Many people in my class opted to go the humorous route but if I tried that it'd probably fall flat...

As this coincided with a seminar on stop motion animation, I'm considering doing something involving pixilation. For the "instructional" part, I'm going to do something with food.

Seeing as these are two subjects favoured by famous surrealist animator Jan Svankmajer, I thought I'd have a look at his work.

I find his films captivating because they are bizarrely funny but have a very disturbing quality. He does this through his use of animation, mix of media and exaggerated sound effects. He's inspiring me to be fearless with my work and stretch it as far as my skills will let me.
Let's just hope I'm not being too ambitious!

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