Thursday, November 24, 2011

Basic animating in Maya

Today we had quite an intensive course on how to animate with Maya. We began with simple experimentation, then were given a couple of exercises to complete. The first one was a swinging pendulum; we had to make the movement more naturalistic by manually editing the animation graph so that the "swing" of the pendulum followed through/overlapped. 

Here is the animation graph, showing the gradual increase then sudden stop and follow through of the pendulum's swing in this film.

As with the modelling I initially found these exercises challenging, mainly down to the fact I kept forgetting to set my key frames so none of my animation would show. However I do feel that towards the end of the day I grew more comfortable with the software and was able to create the desired effects.

The thought of creating an intricate model and rigging it still seems a long, long way off, but these are my first attempts at digital animation and learning each part of the process and noticing my progress is a great experience in itself. 

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