Sunday, October 30, 2011

I've started watching BBC's miniseries adaptation of the novel, The Crimson Petal and the White. It is set in the dark, illness-ridden streets of Victorian London, and tells the story of a writer who becomes involved with an unconventional, strong-willed and intelligent prostitute called Sugar. I was mainly intrigued by the style; costume dramas tend to come across as quite rigid and bland, but here the cinematography was quite unusual. Also, the slightly modernised, downtrodden, Gothic Victorian look is endlessly charming to me.

I found the first scene quite captivating with it's fast-paced and shaking camera shots, wonderful costume design and it's energising soundtrack which combines classical strings with the pulsating of modern electronic music. It uses the odd slow-motion shot and jump cut to create tension and unexpected moments, and to hint at a film that isn't afraid to be experimental.

Here's the first scene, if you like this sort of thing I'd recommend checking it out (don't watch further than the first 2 and a half minutes if you don't like nudity / slightly gross things!):

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