Sunday, October 30, 2011

Character - Final Art

Here is my final concept for my character.

In my head I've been nicknaming her "Rooty" over the time I've developed her as it took a while for me to think of a name that fits. Then I remembered that she was originally just an everyday human girl, and in her new state she doesn't really interact on personal terms with other beings, so I have given her a relatively everyday name. Her appearance has obviously been an influence, but I've decided she is/was called "Ivy Reid".

I've stuck with the earthy green tones, but this time I added an overlay filter in Photoshop to brighten up the colours. I think I've developed a personal habit of colouring in a very muted way and I'm trying to change that.


I'm going to use this image instead of the coloured turnaround in my final A3 character concept sheet as I think it captures her presence and personality more effectively. If I had more time, I would do a full 360 degree turnaround to this detail, but sadly I really need to use the time I have left to finish her environment.

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