Monday, October 3, 2011

Character Development

My character has evolved quite significantly since my previous post.

Initially, I intended her to be a petite, fairy-like creature who, although suspicious of humans, would never act vicious or violent towards them unless in defense. When drawing her with this personality in mind, I made her appear more "cute" and likeable, by making her eyes larger, her face more delicate, and her body proportions similar to that of a young woman.

This direction altered when, whilst browsing artists on the internet, I came across the deviantArt account of Aaron Sims, an accomplished 3D character model designer. He is particularly skilled at creating realistic alien models, and I was inspired by one in particular:

The figure could be that of a twisted and distorted female body, and the alien-like arms and head gives it an overall eerie and frightening effect.

I explored the possibility of making my character appear darker and more corrupted. After all, her story isn't exactly optimistic; her curse will eventually lead to her premature death. I thought that if I gave the character a twisted, disturbing appearance, she would seem more ambiguous and tragic, and therefore be more compelling and intriguing.

 Her appearance does contrast her personality, which will remain generally peaceful and serene.

I have made her significantly less appealing by making her face shape and features more sinister, and her body, whilst still petite, is more emaciated.

I've decided that I will consider taking this direction to my character, although a couple of my peers have said they prefer the other, cuter designs. Perhaps it's just a personal fascination and inclination to creating dark and more provocative characters; generally, I think she is more interesting this way.

My next step will be to create a series of drawings showing her range of expressions and a T-pose, with annotations giving more detail on her physical characteristics.

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  1. I'm looking for a concept artist for my 3d space opera. I LOVE this character! Contact me if you're interested (paid position).