Sunday, October 23, 2011

Character Development, continued...

Following the assessments of our character developments last Thursday, I've decided to make a couple of little changes to my character design. On my previous turnaround I wasn't satisfied with her face, so I've decided to make her appear almost insect or alien-like. I've also made the crystals brighter and more obvious.


I was advised to experiment with less muted colours; I chose muted colours to reflect that she lives in a dark and shadowed environment, and to reflect her somewhat tragic story. However, out of curiosity, I had a play with the hue/saturation adjustment in Photoshop and ended up with these:

I actually really like the second one along, which uses more blue and grey tones as opposed to green - it seems more mystical and mysterious. The final model has an almost Gothic edge, which is quite interesting. 

I think, when I colour my environment, I might focus on cool, blue shades to reflect the slightly "evil" force that is at work, and continue this colour scheme in my character. 

1 comment:

  1. I really like how you've explored different colours. I actually like the first one but I agree that the second one would probably match the kind of vibe you want to give off with your background story and her environment design. That said, I wouldn't be afraid of picking one of the different colour schemes because I think a contrast with her surrounding might work to your advantage too.

    Another thing I'd like to suggest is, I understand your character changes form depending on her mood yes? Maybe you could incorporate all these different colour schemes into those mood changes rather like a mood ring? And she can change colour as well as shape.