Saturday, October 29, 2011

Artists: Noah-kh

An artist whose techniques I greatly admire is Kuang Hong, also known as Noah-kh. His online galleries are interesting in that I find myself repeatedly coming back to them just to have another look.

His work is rich with texture, detail, tones and a definitive sense of fantasy, mythology and epicness - in the true sense of the word, not the internet sense!

However I find that he "stands out from the crowd" because he works with various different styles and subject matters, ranging from "traditional" fantastical dragons, fairies and vast dramatic scenery, to surrealism, horror and the downright dark and disturbing. He is clearly very technically skilled, as well as having a knack for creating intriguing and unique character quirks.

He has so many incredible artworks that I struggled to pick a few, so I'll post many. (I was surprised to discover some that really resonate my own character):

In these images I've found inspiration for how to physically meld my character with her forest environment.

This one, in particular, which was inspired by the idea that from death, the roots of life are born: I really like how her limbs and head have merged with the tree roots and changed colour, texture and shape. The colours are interestingly juxtaposed: the figure is somewhat muted, but combined with the vivid orange tones of the background, the overall image appears bright, almost akin to a summer's evening. But then we are drawn to the skeletal figures forming the tree, and recall the sombre undertones.

Other great pieces:


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