Monday, October 17, 2011

Artists: Jason Scheier

I was referred to the concept artist Jason Scheier and found many amazing digital paintings that depict similar atmospheres, tones and scenery to what I hope to create.

This image really grabbed my attention. The concept is set underwater, and I think it captures a dark, tense mood; what exactly is the mass in the centre of the image? A cave? A creature, or the habitat of a creature? The faint silhouettes of sharks in the distance creates a wonderful sense of depth and vastness. The limited, cool colour palette also reflects the deep and probably very cold waters. 

This sense of mystery, of the unknown, is something I'd like to incorporate into my designs.

Here, on the other hand, the saturated greens make this a vibrant and vivid jungle landscape, which includes wonderful detail of twisting trees and branches. 

Here the mood is a bit more melancholic, as shown through the darker colours and depiction of heavy rainfall.

I like the idea of incorporating some sort of pool into the cave; something about waterfalls and bright, sparkling water is quite ethereal...

Using the character's environment to express his or her emotions and persona is a feature often found in film, game and animation, as it clearly communicates the character's intentions so that the audience may easily understand them.

I think my character's surroundings would best be suited to a limited colour palette of dark/cool greens, browns and greys to reflect her solitude and less-than-happy outlook on life.

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