Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Photoshop Induction

Although I (somewhat clumsily) have taught myself to colour with Photoshop, and have grasped the basics of layers, filters and adjustments, I've realised I'm barely even aware of the vast number of tools it utilises, and effects it is capable of.

Today, I learnt about:
- DPI's, RGB/CMYK, colour gamuts, and other technical bits and bobs (I now finally understand why so many of my photos/digital paintings looked desaturated when printed)
- The correct ways to edit an image, using adjustment layers, so that the original is always available to salvage if needed
- Recording "Actions" and creating Droplet apps so that a large number of images can be edited in exactly the same way, in one go

We're going to be creating an illustration of the environment of our characters next week, which I'm really looking forward to, although it is slightly daunting as landscapes aren't my strongest point.

As practice, we were given a range of images to play around with, and, naturally, I ended up creating this...:

The cityscape was fiddly and doesn't look at all realistic, but it was fun and certainly useful to learn more about Photoshop's capabilites, and I'll be taking a different (and less "destructive") approach to digital painting and editing from now on.

More shall follow on my slowly expanding experience of digital imaging software next week, when we'll be learning about Illustrator.

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