Monday, September 26, 2011

Artists: Guillermo del Toro

When I came across "Pan's Labyrinth" I was immediately eager to discover more about the mind behind it. The film wonderfully combines a sense of childhood fairytale, horror and violence; I've yet to find another film quite like it.

The faun is a character who I was fascinated and enchanted by, and his image - one I find both monstrous and beautiful -  kept popping to my mind as I was brainstorming ideas for my character.

On the film's official website, viewers have access to a behind-the-scenes gallery of artwork, photographs, models, etc. which I have found unendingly inspiring.

I found a description of the faun's character on Wikipedia which I found particularly interesting:

"Originally, the faun was supposed to be a classic half-man, half-goat faun fraught with beauty. But in the end, the faun was altered into a goat-faced creature almost completely made out of earth, moss, vines, and tree bark. He became a mysterious, semi-suspicious relic who gave both the impression of trustworthiness and many signs that warn someone to never confide in him at all."

I could imagine that my character, being a similarly natural, fantastical and forest-dwelling creature, would have a similar demeanour. I've taken the idea of her being a hermit further, and thought that the environment which she escaped to would perhaps have some magical effect on her.

The giant skull gave me ideas of a legendary, now-extinct creature whose remains have cast some sort of "spell" on the surrounding land; part of the spell is that it distorts and alters humans into these strange, fairy-like creatures.

This transformation would continue to intensify, until one day, she would be completely unhuman; she would be part of the trees.

Therefore, I would like her to appear to have parts of her "made" out of tree roots and vines.

The concept art of Pan's Labyrinth focuses on the details found in trees, which is going to be a predominant part of my designs, and something I would like to practice drawing.

Also, ideas for how items she might hold would be constructed out of naturally-found materials - bags structured from branches, bones, etc.

Inspired by these designs, I've sketched some rough "doodles" exploring how I might incorporate a similar style into my character:

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