Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Artists: Brian Froud

Whilst mulling over the waif-like appearance of my character, I began to look at "fairy art". One of
the names that usually pops to mind on this particular subject is Brian Froud, known for his designs for films such as the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Browsing through his work, I was instantly inspired by what I found.

The persona of the woman in this painting reminded me very much of my character: A mysterious and alluring being that dwells in the trees, who is often encountered by unwitting adventurers. She appears mournful and sad, which hints at a past tragedy; this is something I'd like to show in my character. The way her ghostly form entwines around her surroundings gives a very beautiful and ethereal effect.

His figures wear elaborate clothing, often adorned with flowers, leaves and other naturally found items. Their beauty sometimes contrasts pleasantly with mischevious expressions, poses and actions, which tells us of a more quirky personality.

Froud's artwork has spurred me into drawing further ideas for designs, which I will be refining and uploading soon.

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