Monday, September 26, 2011

Artists: Ahmed Aldoori

I've been thinking more about the physical features and build of my character.

Originally a human, she abandoned/left her home around the age of seventeen. She will have been smaller than most other girls her age, possibly around 5ft. As time goes on in her new woodland home, however, her environment begins to distort her appearance, and she becomes increasingly nymph or pixie-like, but not in the typical fairytale sense.

I was struck with inspiration when I saw Ahmed Aldoori's artwork, particularly some designs he'd created for an alien race. 

His figures here are elegant and alluring, yet hold some sort of mysterious, slightly sinister quality. I like how he has drawn the face; I drew influence from this and sketched some very rough designs myself.



  1. I'm honored for this highlight and your kind words! Your sketches are great! :)

    1. Sorry for the late response, but you're very welcome and I appreciate the compliment! :) I really admire your work!